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  Welcome to the UC Berkeley Retirement Center    Friday, October 24, 2014  

Latest Developments

Access the Online Retiree Portal

We are excited to announce our newest service: an online portal — — that allows you to interact with other retirees online.

The portal puts you in control of the information you give to and get from UCBRC. You may use it to manage your mailing preferences and update your information in our database. To access the online portal, you must have an e-mail address already listed in our database. If you get regular e-mail from, try signing in using that e-mail address. Otherwise, e-mail and have us add your e-mail address to our database. In future phases, will offer features that allow you to register for programs and make payments online. Stay tuned!

Fall 2014 Director's Notes

I’m thrilled to share with you the latest UC Berkeley Retirement Center (UCBRC) news and activities. Although I started this position only a month ago, it is clear to me that UCBRC has a wealth of programs and services to offer emeriti and retirees from UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Office of the President... read more>>

LIR: Water in California Slides

September 10: Professor Vincent Resh, “How California’s Streams and Rivers Work: Global and Local Influences." Click here to download Professor Resh's presentation slides.

September 17: Professor Stephanie Carlson, “California Water and Fish: Drivers of Change." Click here to download Professor Carlson's presentation slides.

September 24: Jeff Mount, Watershed Center, UC Davis, “California Water Policies and Issues.” Click here to view Professor Mount's presentation slides.

October 1: Professor David Sunding,"Water, Agriculture and Droughts”
Click here to view Professor Mount's presentation slides.

Welcome to the New Retirement Center Director, Cary Sweeney!

Cary Sweeney joined the Retirement Center on August 4 of this year. Cary has her Master's in Gerontology, with a focus in Adult Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has 14+ years of experience in coordinating and managing programs in geriatrics and gerontology aimed at improving the well-being of older adults.

Cary will be attending several upcoming Retirement Center events and will be happy to meet you, there!

We Moved! New Retirement Center Location and Walk-In Hours

The UCB Retirement Center has moved to 101 University Hall. This convenient location is on the ground floor of the tall building located at the corner of University Avenue and Oxford Street.

Drop-in hours are still Monday-Friday, 1pm-4pm. We look forward to seeing you soon in our new space!

Retiree Conference Materials Webpage

Did you go to our May 15 retiree conference, but miss a workshop you would have liked to attend? Perhaps you couldn't attend the event at all? See our Retiree Conference website for course materials, presentation slides, and exhibitor information.

A limited number of conference readers are still available for purchase for $15 each. The conference reader contains selected information and resources about each workshop topic. To order a reader, send a check or money order made out to UC Regents to the Retirement Center -- or call us for more information!

Taking Care of Our Retirees - Annual Giving Campaign

Dear Friend of the Retirement Center,

Together, we have grown into a nationally recognized model of what a retirement center can be. Your gift helps support programs and services that inform, assist, and inspire.  We are pleased that you choose to spend your time with us, and hope you continue to find our offerings valuable in the future.

Save a stamp! Instead of mailing a check, you may use your credit card to make a donation online at:

Wishing you the best,
Patrick Cullinane and Summer Scanlan

Lawrence Hall of Science Volunteer Opportunities

Want to learn and share exciting and interactive experiences with children and families? As a Hall volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help kids and families experience hands-on science, assist instructors in classes and workshops and be an ambassador of the LHS mission and programs out in the community or at the Hall.

Learn how you can get involved at the next adult volunteer orientation, Saturday, September 7th (10:00am to noon). For more information and to sign up for orientation, visit

Phishing Scams: An Ongoing Threat

Phishing is one of the most potentially damaging internet scams with serious consequences for users not prepared to identify and avoid such fraud.

Phishing is a scam by which an email user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly. It comes in all forms, even from forged accounts.

Find out more about phishing and how to protect yourself by reading this article written by UCB IST staff:

The CenterPiece

Where is the CenterPiece?

Like many other purveyors of information, the Retirement Center is doing our part to be environmentally conscious and reduce the costs of producing this newsletter. We have not sent paper copies of the newsletter to retirees with email addresses on file since fall 2011.

If you are on the Center’s email list but want to continue to receive a paper copy of the CenterPiece, send an email to or call 510-642-5461 with your name and email address to state your preference.

Download the current issue of the CenterPiece by clicking on the image.

The CenterPiece - current edition

Upcoming Events

Advance registration is required to attend all Retirement Center programs; contact us at or 510-642-5461 to register unless indicated otherwise. Location is provided with registration confirmation

LIR - The Aftermath of World War I
Organized by Professor Emeritus Donald “Al” Riley

World War I, the first war to engage all of the then great powers of the world, began on August 1914. Hostilities ended with the Armistice of November 11, 1918. This catastrophe resulted in millions of deaths, both military and civilian, and changed the political structure of Europe and other parts of the world. We are commemorating this event by a series on the aftereffects of the War, which continue to the present time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2-4pm, “The Aftermath of World War I in Russia”
Yuri Slezkine, Professor of History

Tuesday, October 21, 2-4pm, “The Folly of Nation Building: East Central Europe”
John Connelly, Professor of History

Wednesday, October 29, “The United States and the First World War”
Daniel Sargent, Assistant Professor of History

Wednesday, November 5, 2-4pm, “The Last Great Power? The Japanese Empire in the Wake of World War I”
Andrew Barshay, Professor of History

Wednesday November 12, 2-4pm, “What World War I Wrought and Those Who Tried to Stop It”
Adam Hochschild, Author and Lecturer, School of Journalism


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