COVID-19 Vaccine Resources (updated 2/11/21)

A collection of links to recent media articles, federal and state websites with the latest information on the COVID vaccine, compiled by UCBRC staff (thank you to Board member Stephen Andrews for his help in gather links for the county COVID-19 Vaccine Info pages below). To determine when the vaccine will be available to 75+ older adults living in the community (part of 1B Tier One), we recommend checking the websites of your health care provider, local public health department, CVS, and Walgreen's (links below) for updates. The California Department of Health is staffing a phone hotline, 1-833-422-4255, and email,, to answer the public’s questions about vaccines.  Local counties and cities are offering vitual events with leaders to learn more about their local vaccine rollout.  Check with your local health department for more information. Several of the websites below seem to be reguarly updating their sites- check for "last update" date on the site.