COVID-19 Related Activities and Events

Timely resources and activities from local and national organizations responding to COVID-19.


Weekly Berkeley At Home Variety Show

Think of it as a weekly homeroom video for the campus community, featuring messages from Chancellor Carol Christ, news updates, cooking ideas, fitness tips and interviews with Berkeley’s brightest.

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19 (live)

Across the UC Berkeley campus, researchers are rising to meet the complex challenges of COVID-19 even as the crisis generates waves of news and information that can be confusing and contradictory at times. In response, the university is launching a new online video series, “Berkeley Conversations: Covid-19”, to connect our leading experts with the public they serve, and each other. Through Q&A’s, seminars, and panel discussions, faculty from a wide range of disciplines—from epidemiology to economics to the computing and data now undergirding their work—will share what they know, and what they are learning.

May 13 
COVID 19 - Tracking, data privacy, and getting the numbers right 10-11 am (PT)
May 18 
COVID-19: Digital and Telehealth Implications of COVID-19 and Social Distancing 11 am -12 pm (PT)

Video recordings available online after live presentation
April 3  Making sense of data, social distancing and what lies ahead 
April 7 Creating Informed Responses: Berkeley's Computing and Data Science in Action
April 13 Coronavirus: Science and Solutions
April 15 Campus Impacts and Resources
April 17  Mental Health and Well-being for Ourselves and Our Children
April 21 Understanding and Seeking Equity amid COVID-19
Apri 24 Straight Talk: A Conversation about Racism, Health Inequities, and COVID -19
April 27 Climate Change and COVID-19: Can this crisis shift the paradigm?
April 28 Trauma-informed Approaches for Individual and Organizational Resilience during the COVID-19 Crisis
April 29 Literature and the Arts in Times of Crisis
May 1 Looking Forward: How Can We Safely Reopen the Economy?
May 6 COVID-19 and the media: the role of journalism in a global pandemic
May 8 How COVID-19 will shape the 2020 election
May 11 Nordics and COVID-19: Public Health, Economic and Public Policy Responses

At Home, On Air Weekly Radio Hour

Thursday, April 30, 2020, 6 - 7 pm Clark Kellogg has been a pioneer in the field of Design Thinking for 30 years. He teaches the core MBA courses in Design Thinking and Applied Innovation at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. He recently made history as the first Artist-in-Residence at Haas (or any business school). He is the co-founder of BIG – the Berkeley Innovation Group, an innovation consultancy. Trained as an architect, Kellogg has built a robust career practicing architecture, graphic design, product design, business innovation and fine art – all built around the core of design. He was the first designer to sit on the Executive Committee of a Fortune 500 company. Clark is also a practicing studio artist. Recently, he created a work of art every day in his 365 Daily Art Project. Every Thursday from 6pm – 7pm, a member of the At Home With Growing Older community will conduct an interview with a different guest from a range of industries and backgrounds and from different parts of the country and the world. You may dial-in, put the phone on speaker, and join us with a meal or beverage for a new take on a classic concept. After the interview, live questions will be encouraged and we look forward to partnering with our listeners to introduce thought-provoking conversation from our homes, on the air!

Curtainup by Seniorly

The show starts every weekday at 1 pm (PST) A live free show streaming daily for 1 hour via the Seniorly YouTube Channel and FaceBook page. Viewers can watch performers in real-time, ask questions, or sit back and enjoy the show.