University of California Online Collections

You can Keep Connected to campus while sheltering in place with these online resources.

A Walk to Remembear: A tour of Berkeley’s ursine neighborsMourning Bear Photo on Campus
Berkeley Library Stories
Whether camouflaged in shrubbery or stylized in bronze handles, bears shape and surround the UC Berkeley campus — from Sproul Hall to Strawberry Creek to the Berkeley Post Office. And no matter how many I Spy books you’ve conquered, you probably haven’t seen them all.

Shelter-in-place book list: UC Berkeley librarians suggest things to read while you’re stuck at home
A handful of UC Berkeley librarians share their choices, of everything from novels that will help you escape to another place, and another life, to a practical primer to quiet your anxious mind to, fittingly, a page-turner about “the father of epidemiology.”

Our Days Together
UC Berkeley video produced by Patrica Besada '20 | Photo by ucberkeleycampus on Instagram and edited by UC Berkeley | Music by Cash and Ferven: “We All Have Stories To Tell”