As a complimentary service through the UC Retirement Savings Program, Fidelity Retirement Services offers financial education workshops and help desk services tailored for UCBRC constituents. Take advantage of these free sessions to learn how to meet your financial goals in retirement.

One-on-One Planning and Guidance Consultants: At UC, you can sit down one-on-one with a Fidelity Workplace Planning & Guidance Consultant to review your plan for saving for retirement and your other financial. It’s a service of the UC Retirement Savings Program, and it’s available to you at no additional cost. Web: or call: 1-800-558-9182. Learn more

Financial Education Classes: UC offers a range of retirement planning and financial education classes to help you make the most of the UC Retirement Savings Program. View a list of classes. Learn more

Calculators and Online Planning Tools: Fidelity offers a variety of online tools for active staff and faculty and retirees to help manage your assets, plan for retirement, and more! Some tools include: Take Home Pay Calculator, Retirement Quick Check, Plan Limit Calculators, Budgeting & Debt Management, and Retirement Income Planner. Access Fidelity Calculators and online tools