President's and Regents' Retiree Association (PARRA)

Welcome to the website of PARRA—the President's and Regents' Retiree Association. Membership in PARRA is automatic for everyone who retires from the Office of the President. Our association currently has more than seven hundred members, most of whom live in the Bay Area. PARRA was established to inform and assist UCOP retirees on University and other benefits available to them; to encourage interaction among retirees through social and cultural programs; and to promote the welfare of retirees with UC and the State government. PARRA's bylaws may be accessed here.

We host spring and fall luncheons featuring interesting and noted speakers and cooperate with the Office of the President and campus retiree associations on matters relating to the welfare of UC retirees. We request voluntary dues of $10, payable each April, in order to help PARRA do the best job possible of serving the aims of the association and the interests of our members. Find out more in the PARRA Network News - see the current and past issues online, here.

President’s and Regents’ Retiree Association Spring Cancelled

This is to inform you that the March 26 PARRA luncheon is being canceled in response to concerns about exposure to the Coronavirus and the CDC's notice that older adults stay at home and avoid crowds as much as possible.  While we regret having to cancel, we think it is prudent.

Those that have registered for the luncheon will be refunded for the cost of the luncheon.  If you paid by credit card, this will be a refund on your card. If you paid by check, your check will be returned.

We will be following the CDC advice regarding the virus and whether we can reschedule the luncheon for later this Spring.

Jim Dolgonas
President, PARRA

PARRA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets quarterly and includes the following:

Jim Dolgonas, President
Bill Newton, 
Vice President
Erica Nietfeld, 
Bill Newton, 

Carla Ferri-Blackmon
Judy Craig
Linda Glasscock
Mary E. MacDonald
Cheryl Marshall
Connie Miller
Debora Obley
Myron Okada
Randolph R. Scott
Susan von Seeburg
Connie Williams

For further information about PARRA, please get in touch with Jim Dolgonas at

PARRA Events

Wednesday Walks: the East Bay At (and On) Your Feet

The East Bay Regional Park District sponsors nature hikes every Wednesday that offer a great opportunity to explore the extraordinary natural beauty and variety of our East Bay parks. They’re open to walkers of all ages and abilities. Every walk begins at 9:30 a.m. and has a different destination; most range from two-and-a-half to six miles round trip. You might even run into a few Office of the President friends because more and more UCOP retirees are joining these Wednesday Walks. You can find information about upcoming walks at; click on the "Regional in Nature" program guide for the schedule of Wednesday Walks.