President's and Regents' Retiree Association (PARRA)

What is PARRA?

PARRA is an organization composed of all Office of the President and Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents retirees and their spouses or domestic partners. PARRA is a University of California recognized Affiliated organization. 

Retirees of any University of California campus or laboratory and their spouses who live in the area may also participate in PARRA.

What Does PARRA Do?


  • Advocates for the welfare of retirees with the University and within the Council of UC Retiree Associations and other entities as appropriate. 

  • Provides opportunities for interaction among retirees through social, cultural and community programs.

  • Informs and assists members regarding University and other benefits available to retirees.
  • Assists in orientation programs for employees approaching retirement as requested.

What Are PARRA Member Benefits?

Direct benefits include:

  • A newsletter with important information about University benefits, news about members, and other items of interest to retirees.
  • Social and Community Events:
    • Opportunities to connect with other retirees at luncheons and informal gatherings
    • Opportunities to serve the community through group volunteer events
    • Opportunities to hear featured speakers at PARRA luncheons and to participate in educational programs sponsored by PARRA or provided by the UC Berkeley Retirement Center

See the PARRA Events page for upcoming and past events

How Does PARRA Communicate with Members?

PARRA sends newsletters and announcements via email only. Members who want to receive these emails must provide a post-employment email address.

How is PARRA Governed?

An elected Executive Committee of PARRA members administers the organization per the PARRA Bylaws.

PARRA Executive Committee


  • President: Jim Dolgonas
  • Vice-President: Bill Newton
  • Secretary: Connie Miller
  • Treasurer: Bill Newton

At-Large Members:

  • Eric Behrens
  • Carol Copperud
  • Linda Glasscock
  • Jon Good
  • Kristine Hafner
  • Margaret Heisel
  • Mary E. MacDonald
  • Cheryl Marshall
  • Steve Mathews
  • Debora Obley
  • Myron Okada
  • Connie Williams

How is PARRA Funded?

PARRA is funded by voluntary non-tax deductible donations. Suggested donations of $10 a year are requested periodically.

Funding supports:

  • Programs and events
  • PARRA participation in the UC system-wide Council of UC Retirees Associations (CUCRA). CUCRA advocates on behalf of all UC retirees, interacting with the UC Office of the President regarding health insurance and other critical retirement benefits.
  • Third-party providers of online mailing and financial transaction services to PARRA
  • Miscellaneous business expenses incurred by PARRA

Contact PARRA

For more information about PARRA, please email Jim Dolgonas at

If you are a retiree from a University campus or laboratory and would like to join PARRA, provide a post-employment email address.