Join an Emeriti or Retiree Association!

Retirees at a joint CUCRA-CUCEA meeting.CUCRA and CUCEA

One of the best ways you can advocate for retiree rights and benefits at UC is to join a retiree or emeriti association.  Each of our four associations belong to the Council of UC Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) or Council of UC Retiree Associations, which regularly meets with UCOP staff to promote items of importance to UC retirees such as retiree benefits and privileges. 

Click here to visit the CUCEA website.

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CUCEA Reports on emeriti/ae activity
Click here to read the 2015-2018 UC Emeirit Survey Results "A Virtual Eleventh Campus The Ninth Inventory of University of California Emeriti Activity"
Click here to read the 2012-2015 UC Emeriti Survey Results " A Vitual Eleventh Campus"

CUCRA Reports on retiree actvity
Click here to read the 2020 Retiree Survey Report — "UC Retirees: Generous Talents, Enduring Community 

Click here to read the 2016 UC Retirees Advocates - Ambassadors - Assets

Click here to see UC Travel Interest Program offerings through our parnters at Collette Tours.

Other Ways to Advocate

Retiree Health Working Group

UC Office of the President has convened an advisory work group to explore potential strategies and develop options to ensure the long-term financial viability of the retiree health benefits program. The 2019 UC Retiree Health Benefits Design Working Group is expected to begin its work early January with the expectation to deliver its recommendations to the president and the Executive Steering Committee on Health Benefits Programs by June 2018.

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Run by the Cal Alumni Association, Cal Advocacy is a coalition of thousands of Cal alumni, students, staff, faculty, and parents in advocating for UC.  Sign up for the Cal Advocacy mailing list online at:

California Advocacy Network

Stand up and make your voice heard. Almost 600,000 have joined the UC for California Advocacy Network.  Sign up now to stay informed about public policy issues affecting California higher education and to contact elected officials about the importance of supporting a strong UC.