Retiree ID (Perks & Discounts)

Get these great discounts and access to perks with your retiree ID!

To take advantage of special Cal Connection (access or discounts to campus services and departments) arranged by UCBRC, you must use a retiree ID card that identifies you as retired staff, retired faculty or their surviving spouse or partner. Request a Retiree ID card by calling (510) 642-5461 or emailing

Library Privileges for Retirees

Using the Library during COVID-19
During the pandemic, many of the library services are being offered in new ways. To find the latest information on course reserves, book returns, 24/7 online help, and more, visit the Library COVID-19 portal, which provides up-to-date information.

Retirees may obtain a library card during the shelter in place by:

  • Obtain a retiree ID card from the UC Berkeley Retirement Center.
  • Send a photo of your retiree ID card, full name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number to to initiate a library account.
  • Remote access to licensed electronic resources such as journals and databases is available with this card.

Happy retiree with ID Card