About Us

Mission statement:

The UC Berkeley Retirement Center serves retirees of UC Berkeley, LBNL and UCOP and is dedicated to helping them live well in retirement.

Our goals:

  • Bring together the skills, intellect and creativity of retirees to solve challenges and create opportunities.
  • Connect staff, faculty and scientists with resources and tools to help with a smooth transition in retirement.
  • Promote activities that nourish the intellectual engagement and well-being of retirees.
  • Raise awareness of retirement tools, programs, services and the accomplishments of retirees.

We are an administrative unit under the Vice Provost for the Faculty. We receive support from and report directly to the Associate Vice Provost For the Faculty Angelica Stacy. Dr. Stacy also serves on our Advisory Board.


Cary Sweeney, Director

Cary holds a Master's of Gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University and has 19+ years of experience in developing and managing programs in geriatrics and gerontology aimed at improving the well-being of older adults. Prior to joining the Retirement Center in 2014, Cary served at UC San Francisco as Project Director of the Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence, and Program Manager of the NorCal Geriatric Education Center, Division of Geriatrics, School of Medicine.

Kris Thornton, BA Associate Director

Kris brings over 20 years experience in education foundation administration, alumni relations and admissions with the Laguna Beach Education Foundation, Dominican University of California and The Alumni Society of The College of William and Mary respectively. She has a passion for education and the programs that support life
long learning and engagement.

Office Administration

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