Retiree Parking Options


• Night and Weekend (NW) permits: One (1) pack of 10 for $53.75.

• Central Campus (C) permits: One (1) for $6. C permits are available as needed for retirees to attend UCBRC programs and services only.

• For more information one each permit type, please look below at the FAQ section.

How to Purchase Permits

Purchase Online

We are partnering with RecWell at UC Berkeley to manage online credit card transactions for retiree parking permit purchases. To use this service you will first need to create a community member account on the RecWell site. Please follow the instructions here.

Purchase by Mail

Please send a check to UC Berkeley Retirement Center:

• Make your check out to UC Regents.

• Mail to 1995 University Ave, Suite 401, Berkeley, CA 94704. Permits will be mailed to you at your home address.  

• Include a note of which parking pass you would like and how many. 

Purchase In-Person - Not available during Shelter in Place 

Parking FAQs

The following are FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding our discounted parking permits for retirees:

"C" campus permits - worth their weight in gold!

Where can I park on campus during the day time?
Single-use C hangtag permits allow retirees to park in unreserved lots on campus at any time of day or night. You may purchase as many C campus permits as you need to cover your enrollments in UCBRC programs. For example, if your registration for Learning in Retirement courses and special events comes to three dates, you may purchase three C campus permits. Note: C permits are not to be used for any purpose other than attending a UCBRC event. Any permit purchased for a UCBRC event but not used should be saved and used to attend a future UCBRC event. C permits cost $6.00 each. 

If you need to park on campus during regular business hours and are not attending a UCBRC event, you must purchase visitor parking. Visit to find a list of paid visitor lots with parking maps. Metered parking is also available on the streets surrounding the campus.

What if I need to park for an evening or weekend program?
Single-use NW hangtag permits allow retirees to park in unreserved lots on campus after 4:30pm M-F, and all day on weekends (subject to terms posted at each lot). NW permits are sold in packs of 10 and cost $53.75.

Where am I allowed to park?
The Parking and Transportation website has comprehensive parking maps that you can review before heading to campus: You can search lots by permit type, or view all campus lots.

Where is my C permit valid?
Permits are valid all day in C, F, H, and S lots, subject to posted signs. After 10am, C permit holders may park in unused carpool spaces in any lot.

Can I share my permits with other people?
If you purchase a C permit for a UCBRC event but are then unable to attend, you may hold the C permit and use it for a future UCBRC event, or give it to another registered retiree. You may not use UCBRC-issued C campus permits for any purpose other than to attend a UCBRC program or event. You may share your NW permits with your guests.