Faculty Retirement Resources

Later Career Faculty & Emeriti

The UC Berkeley Retirement Center's Emeriti Resource Guide includes pre- and post-retirement resources designed to support later career facutly in planning their transition into retirement. The Emeriti Privileges webpage summarizes benefits available to emeriti faculty. 

In partnership with the UC Berkeley Emeriti Association, the Retirement Center offers a special workshop titled "Faculty Thriving in Retirement." This workshop invites faculty contemplating retirement as well as recently retired emeriti to explore life in retirement, how to stay connected with colleagues and campus, and how to include loved ones in the transition. 

Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare administers the Pathway to Retirement Option. 

Pathway to Retirement Option -  UC Berkeley offers a special option to faculty who intend to retire and would like to make a smooth transition from everyday expectations in research, teaching, and service to an engagement with the University that is tailored to their special circumstances.  A Pathway to Retirement Agreement can create a multi-year period of transition that includes special provisions before retirement as well as additional provisions after retirement.     

Faculty Retirement Liaison - Professor Emeritus Sam Davis serves as Faculty Retirement Liaison and is available to meet one-on-one with ladder-rank faculty who are considering retirement . Sam is available to help identify common issues and ways for the campus to address them, as well as offers assistance in negotiating pre- and post-retirement arrangements with chairs and deans, including Pathway to Retirement agreements.

Professor of the Graduate School appointments - A faculty member who is retiring may be eligible for post-retirement appointment as a Professor of the Graduate School (PGS). A PGS is expected to be engaged in research, to contribute with distinction to a graduate program, and to be in residence for the equivalent of one semester during each academic year in which the PGS title is held.