Retiree bMail Service

----- Online payments ----

Application and payment for Retiree bMail Service is available online at the Retirement Center Online Store!

Retiree bMail Service - New Account

Retiree bMail Service application and payment is availabe online at the Retirement Center Store! Click here to sign up. \ See "How to Make Online Purchases" (right click this link and "open in new tab") for detailed instructions on using the online store. 

Retiree bMail service is for retirees who would like to get or keep a campusemail account with an address. The first year of service is $82.50 and includes $10 set-up fee. The annual renewal rate is $72.25. This service includes:

  • The ability to send and receive email from your email address
  • Ample storage space
  • Free anti-virus software downloads
  • Technical support via the bMail Help Desk: or (510) 664-9000 ext. 111
  • Access to bConnected products including bCal and bDrive
  • Access to elearning  see full details at link

Retiree bMail service does not provide internet access; you must have your own way to connect to the internet to access your bMail account.

***Please note*** If you are about to retire, as a courtesy and for us to provide the best service, you must request and pay no later than your date of retirement to ensure service is not interrupted.  If your bMail has expired you must call the Retirement Center as additional information is required. Items in the Retirement Center's online store show dates of service. These dates do not reflect actual dates of service for your retiree bMail account. Contact us to find out your dates of service or renewal date. Your renewal date will be printed on your annual invoice.

Even if you have a University Village account, but have never paid online you must first create a profile as a community member.

Retiree bMail Service - Annual Renewal

If you already subscribe to Retiree bMail service, you can now renew your account online! Click here to renew your account online. Annual renewal rate is $72.25.

See "How to Make Online Purchases" (right click this link and "open in new tab") for detailed instructions on how to create a user profile for the online store.  If your bMail has expired you must call the Retirement Center as additional information is required.

CalNet Self-Service Tools

On December 1, 2016 CalNet Account Manager is now available to retirees with bMail accounts. These tools include resetting a forgotten Passphrase, changing your Passphrase or CalNet ID and setting a Recovery Email Address. 

A Recovery Email Address is required to use the self-service tools at, and receives all account change notifications. It is of particular importance when attempting to reset a forgotten passphrase.

You can set or update your Recovery Email Address by clicking Log In in the upper right corner of and then selecting the Change My Recovery Email Address. If you do not have a Recovery Email Address, you will see:

If you already have a Recovery Email Address, it will be partially displayed in the top field.

Enter a New Recovery Email Address in the field, and press Change. You will receive an email to the address entered. Click the Confirm email address button within three days, or the button will expire.

For more information on the CalNet Self-Service Tools visit: