Retiree bMail Service - New Account


Retiree bMail service is for retirees of UC Berkeley, LBNL and UCOP who would like to establish a new Berkeley email account or maintain their current Berkeley email account with an address. Emeriti continue to have an active affiliation with the university, and therefore do not need to purchase this service to keep their bMail account.

Retirees who are actively volunteering for a campus department may also be eligible for free bMail service through their department. Please contact your department directly to inquire about this.

Those who do maintain an active Berkeley email address will be able to subscribe and/or renew their LastPass Premium subscription for free. Information about this can be found here:


In order to provide this access and support the first year service cost is $82.50 and includes $10.25 set-up fee. The annual renewal rate is $72.25. This funding provides on-going support and advocacy to continue access to bMail for retirees.


This service includes:

  • The ability to send and receive email from your email address
  • Ample storage space
  • Free anti-malware (anti-virus ) software downloads at this link
  • Technical support via the bMail Help Desk: or (510) 664-9000
  • Access to bConnected products including bCal and bDrive
  • Ability to subscribe to and/or renew a LastPass Premium subscription for free.

Retiree bMail service does not provide internet access; you must have your own way to connect to the internet to access your bMail account.

Create your account

You can purchase your bMail service and create your account by mail or online. Purchase your bMail service at least 2 weeks prior to the end of your 90 day grace period so that there is no lapse in service.

  • Create your account via mail

Please complete the retiree bMail application form and mail along with your check for $82.50 payable to the UC Regents to the Retirement Center, 1995 University Ave, Suite 401, Berkeley, CA 94704, or you can bring the form and check to us in-person during our office hours

  • Create your account online

Purchase your bMail service online through the Retirement Center purchasing page. Click here for more instructions. You will need to provide your 1) Berkeley email 2) UC Path ID and 3) retirement date when completing your new account purchase. 

***Please note***

  • UC Berkeley retirees have a 90-day grace period from the date of separation to the end of bMail service. 
  • If your bMail account has expired, you must call the Retirement Center as additional information is required.
  • LBNL and UCOP retirees may also purchase retiree bMail service by following the steps above.
  • Items in the Retirement Center's online store show dates of service which do not reflect the actual dates of service for your account, but rather one year from date of purchase.  Please contact us to find out your dates of service or renewal date.