UC Berkeley Emeriti Association (UCBEA)

About the Emeriti Association

G Steven Martin, UCBEA President

The UC Berkeley Emeriti Association (UCBEA) is an official support group of UC Berkeley. We serve as an active advocate of Emeriti interests, acting through campus and systemwide organizations, such as the Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA), and the UCB Academic Senate Faculty Welfare Committee, giving emeriti a voice in many decisions made on Campus and at the Office of the President. The Berkeley Emeriti also have a national and international voice as members of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (www.arohe.org)

The activities of UCBEA include:

  • About 5 gatherings per year at the Women's Faculty Club where you can enjoy the company of other emeriti in a social hour with lunch and interesting guest speakers. Click here to find out more about UCBEA Luncheons. Click here for a history of speakers and topics by year.
  • UCBEA publishes news about emeriti in a special column, Emeriti Times, which is part of the UCBRC's CenterExpress. The column provides information about meetings, UCBEA Board actions, and pertinent campus policies, along with interviews and items of general interest. 
  • Participate in the nomination of awards for emeriti such as the campus’ Distinguished Emerita/us (yearly) as well as the academic senate’s Dickson Emerita/us awards and the systemwide Panunzio award.
  • Works with Departmental Emeriti Representatives to provide a means of communication between emeriti in each department for emeriti issues to be discussed with the associations and the departments.
  • Sponsors a mentoring program for faculty and students.
  • UCBEA also collaborates with UCBRC in offering a "Thriving in Retirement" workshop for faculty considering retirement. Topics include: How to continue your academic interests, your relationships with your non‐retiring colleagues, and what will this transition be like for your family.

    Overall, UCBEA is a strong association that serves emeriti individual and collective interests and those of the whole campus community. It is also a fine way of keeping in touch with those colleagues with whom you have shared your professional life.  


Effective July 1, 2016, UCBEA includes as members all emeriti and their partners. UCBEA will no longer have a dues requirement, but instead will rely on donations. Donations, which are tax-deductible if the check is made out to the UC Regents and with acknowledgement that the donation is being made in appreciation for the support that UCBRC provides to UCBEA. If you are an emeritus from a UC campus other than Berkeley, please email ucbea@berkeley.edu for information on how to join.

UCBEA Executive Committee

Meet the emeriti volunteers who devote their time and energy to the UC Berkeley Emeriti Association (Click on "UCBEA Executive Committee" above).

Faculty Transitions to Retirement: Beyond Financial Planning

In Spring 2018, the UC Berkeley Emeriti Association (UCBEA) and the UC Berkeley Retirement Center (UCBRC) conducted a survey of our emeriti to determine issues that were pertinent to them as they considered the transition from a faculty member to emeritus/a status.  Report and Poster