UCB Emeriti Association Health Benefits Working Group

UCBEA Health Benefits Working Group is made up of:
Kenneth Polse, Chair
David Hollinger, UCBRA President
Amy Block Joy, Past President
John Swartzberg, Past President
Caroline Kane, Past President
Sheldon Zedeck, Past President
Guy Micco, Past President
Robert Anderson
Tom Leonard
Patti Owen
Jim Dolgonas
Nancy Brown

UCOP Health Insurance Proposal: An Urgent Appeal for Assistance
UCBEA remains very concerned about the direction UCOP is taking in regards to their financial support for our health insurance.  The follow is a link to a letter composed by our Health Benefits Working Group.  At the end are suggestions for how you can help. A similar letter will be sent to UCOP, UCOP's Working Committee on Health Insurance and other appropriate UC organizations.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO LETTER