CUCEA Emeriti Survey

The Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) is an organization composed of the Emeriti Associations of nine of the UC campuses: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego and San Francisco. (The tenth UC campus, Merced, is relatively new and doesn’t have an Emeriti Association at present.)  

Every three years, CUCEA conducts a survey which attempts to reach all UC emeriti for the purpose of compiling information about their activities in retirement, especially as these activities relate to their academic careers. The most recent survey, covering the period from July 2012 – June 2015 was administered in Fall of 2015 and the results for the system are now available. We, UCBEA, are now going through the results for our campus and a report should be available early in the Fall 2016 semester. Initial reading shows that Berkeley emeriti continue to be active. Many have continued activities in areas on campus pertaining to campus teaching, research, administration, and service, as well as to their professional associations. Emeriti continue to be highly creative, generating much new research and scholarship. Emeriti continue to garner honors, recognition, and awards. And of special note, many emeriti continue to obtain grants and financial support for their research endeavors as well as provide significant amounts of financial contribution in the form of donations and bequests. Finally, the results show that many have found new ways to channel their energies that include societal, campus, and family endeavors.