Invitation to Present on Topic of Interest to Home Bound

February 26, 2021

Covia, a 50+ year-old non-profit serving older adults, offers a nationwide Well Connected program, providing a virtual community for older adults to meet for conversations, lifelong learning, games, support groups, and much more, 365 days a year! Well Connected hosts 100+ weekly group conference calls via telephone or online at no-cost to participants across the United States. Participants can write a poem, share a gratitude, go on a trip or visit a museum, all from the comfort of home.

Well Connected telephone and online groups are led by volunteers, and also professionals and experts, who share their passion and expertise, either for a one-hour presentation or short series. This is a wonderful chance to speak with a very engaged audience of older adults and takes very little planning or time commitment! You can check out the current catalogue here:

Retirees are invited to present during the next session that runs from May through August, 2021, on any subject of interest to a general older adult audience – from arts, culture, history, travel, technology or health - staying positive during a pandemic, combating ageism, improving one’s memory, or the history of the French Revolution!

Contact Annette Balter at if you have any questions, or if you would like to chat more about participating on Well Connected.