Part Time Administrative Assistant Position

November 29, 2021

POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible for providing support services at the supervisor, managerial or executive levels. Depending upon support level, must be proficient in word processing as well as spreadsheet, and presentation software. Skills should also include ability to use the Internet, email, and experience with project management. Setting priority meetings, dealing with internal and external partners, investors and global international executives. Should have customer service experience, a team player and show initiative. At senior levels, must have leadership skills, the ability to prioritize, and work with confidential projects. A person with easy going attitude, flexible, likes to have fun, likes to being exposed to a lot of different technologies, nationalities and working in a busy environment.


Project Management: Responsible for managing multiple calendars, sense of priority, efficient communication skills, with multiple entities, manage different time zones and people whose first language is not English. Delegating tasks as needed, and take good notes in meetings, in order to have tasks done on time by the teams.

Customer Service: Responsible for interacting with inside and outside customers and developing an enhanced working relationship with vendors. Also enhances relationships with investors and partners.

Teamwork: Works with teams, and manages and motivates support staff as needed. Will accept new projects to enhance overall success of teams.

Initiative: Will have keen problem-solving abilities and a “can-do” attitude and willingness to learn about overall goals of department, business and industry. Will volunteer for additional projects and responsibilities

Confidentiality: Help ensure the confidential nature of proprietary business information

Sense of Urgency: Responsible for an awareness of how projects impact broader deadlines and initiatives. Will manage time effectively and balance workload in order to consistently meet deadlines. Responsible for understanding the critical nature of certain tasks.

Sense of Ownership: Will be results-oriented and have a sense of ownership and take pride in work on all projects. Leadership: Takes a leadership role in developing more effective and efficient administrative systems and processes.

COMPENSATION: Partial cash-payment and partial stock sharing

Interested candidates should contact Howard Matis at who can provide more information on the company and job.