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The Mental Health Benefits of Doing Nothing NextAvenue, 4/15/22

Building Skills and a New Friendship - At Ages 96 and 19 - NextAvenue, 4/15/22

How smart tech around the home can help seniors and their caregivers - The Washington Post, 1/20/22

Geriatric Emergency Rooms: Better Care, Better Value and Becoming More Common
 - NextAvenue 1/19/22

Older Americans Are the Ignored Victims of the Opioid Epidemic - Time, 1/12/22

Do When You Don’t Know What to Do in Retirement - Next Avenue, 1/4/22

My husband just went through this, and here are steps that turned things around.

These Architects Believe Communal Living is the Way of the Future
 - CNN, 5/27/21
"What We Share. A model for cohousing" is a concept for a housing project designed by founding architects Siv Helene Stangeland and Reinhard Kropf of Norweigian firm Helen & Hard.

What Sweden’s Covid Failure Tells Us About Ageism
 - Knowable Magazine, 07/07/21
Experts say that growing age discrimination in the West is a result of policies that far predate the pandemic.

How Men Adapt to Being Solo Agers  NextAvenue, 07/8/21
3 steps men can take to stay connected, be prepared and fight loneliness.

Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart - The New York Times, 7/16/21
Fearing that a romantic attachment in later life will lead to full-time caregiving, many couples are choosing commitment without sharing a home.

She's Nearly 100. He's 2 and Lives Nextdoor. Here's How They Became Best Friends. - Washington Post, 7/28/21
In O’Neill, Benjamin found a pandemic playmate. In Benjamin, O’Neill found a needed quarantine companion.

Architecture Plays a Key Role in Reimagining Care Solutions - Boston Globe, 4/26/21
A simple yet innovative concept combines stable housing, intergenerational care, social integration, and neighborhood revitalization.

Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer - PBS, 6/1/21
Discover the little-known story of the innovations in science and medicine that doubled the human lifespan in less than a century, and celebrate the unsung heroes of public health who believed change was possible and acted on it.

Joan Ditzion of 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' Fame Says 'We Can All Be Aging Activists'  - NextAvenue, 6/21/21
The feminist trailblazer continues to tackle sexism and ageism.

New Drug Could Cost the Government as Much as It Spends on NASA - New York Times, 6/22/21
The Alzheimer’s treatment will cost $56,000 per patient, and millions may use it. The result: “crazy numbers” for Medicare.

'Extra Life' Series Traces Our Astonishing Gains in Life Expectancy - NextAvenue, 5/6/21
The new PBS four-part series examines scientific and medical innovations that have conquered some of the deadliest diseases.

Six Tips for Socializing After You’ve Been Vaccinated - Greater Good Magazine, 5/17/21
As vaccinations rise and cases of COVID-19 fall, Americans are once again hanging out—and they’re feeling anxious about it.

Understand Your Housing Options - NextAvenue, 2/22/21
Here's how to plan for different scenarios.

A Tax Break For Retirees Is Back. Here’s How to Use It — And What To Avoid - Washington Post, 3/18/21
Qualified Charitable Distributions, which allow Individual Retirement Account holders in their 70s and older to divert some of their federally taxable required distributions to charity while reducing their federally taxable income, are back after a 2020 hiatus.

Justine Bateman's Aging Face and Why She Doesn't Think It Needs 'Fixing' -Time, 4-11-21

My Second Phase of Adulthood (Opinion) - New York Times, 4/18/21
Opinion columnist shares how he is changing his perspective on life. 

She Couldn’t Eradicate Anti-Asian Hate Crimes. So She Made A Handbook On How To Fight Them - Los Angeles Times, 4/25/21
In March, after a series of violent attacks against elderly Asian Americans in the Bay Area, Esther Lim published a booklet in multiple languages describing how to document an attack.

The Academy Is Graying? So What - Inside Higher Ed, 4/30/21
Older professors are keeping pace with their younger colleagues in terms of scholarly output and have particular knowledge to impart, the study says. Authors say their findings challenge negative stereotypes about aging faculty members.