Background Information about the Panel Participants

The panelists are members and/or volunteer at Ashby Village, Lamorinda Village, San Francisco Village and NEXT Village San Francisco. 

Russ Ellis

Photo credit: Judy Dater

Russ Ellis, Ashby Village

Russ Ellis took the last Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program (Verip) and retired in 1994 as Emeritus Vice Chancellor and Professor of Architecture. He continued his explorations in sculpture and painting. He is a founding member of Ashby Village where he has been active with committees promoting creativity among Ashby Village members. 

Judy O'Shea

Judy O'Shea, NEXT Village San Francisco

Judy O’Shea is an installation artist, and an active member and volunteer for NEXT Village. She first spent 25 years in biotech startups and venture capital before starting an artist-in-residence program in France. After 17 years of working there with fine-arts professors, she moved back permanently to Telegraph Hill to focus on her own art. Her most recent exhibit was at the Sonoma Valley Museum. During Covid, she facilitated a French conversation group NEXT Village members for over two years.  (Judy's website: 

Seymour Packman

Seymour Packman, San Francisco Village

Seymour Packman is Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics, at UCSF. He was Director of the Biochemical Genetics Service of that Medical Center, and also served as Director of the UCSF Lysosomal Disease Center, and the UCSF Neurometabolic Program and Clinics. Seymour and his wife Wendy are active members of the Sunset Circle, and have participated in events, and used  the resources of the San Francisco Village.

Emily Sexton

Emily Sexton, Ashby Village

Emily Sexton retired from UC Berkeley as Assistant Vice Chancellor-Administration after a long career in the Chancellor's Office.  As a member and volunteer at Ashby Village, she has served on the Program Leadership Team, the Sustainability Task Force and the Board Planning Committee while enjoying more than six years in this warm and dynamic community. 

Larry Toy

Larry Toy, Lamorinda Village

Larry Toy’s Cal connection is a MA and PhD in astronomy (after undergrad at Harvard).  He founded and was President/CEO of the statewide Foundation for California Community Colleges and joined Lamorinda Village in 2015, has been a Board member since 2018 and was president from 2019 to 2022.  He also serves on the National Village to Village Network Board.

Pearl Toy

Pearl Toy, Lamorinda Village

Pearl Toy MD, Professor Emeritus at the UCSF School of Medicine and Internist specializing in Hematology served in research, teaching, patient care and the community. As a member and volunteer at Lamorinda Village, she started the Women’s Group, a Zoom lecture series including end-of-life issues, a weekly online Minute of Music, and welcomed many UCB members and their spouses to Lamorinda Village.

Carrie Graham, PhD

Carrie Graham, PhD, Moderator

Carrie Graham, PhD, is Director of Long-Term Services and Supports at the Center for Health Care Strategies.  Carrie has been actively involved with Ashby Village and recently joined their Board of Directors (here's the link to Carrie's recent blog post on the Ashby Village website). 

Charlotte Dickson, Executive Director, Village Movement California

Charlotte Dickson, Presenter, Village Movement California

Charlotte Dickson is the Executive Director of Village Movement California, a coalition of grassroots community organizations called villages. Together with partners, Village Movement California seeks to revolutionize the experience of aging. For an introduction to the organization, watch this brief video: