EX-Ls Board

Upcoming EX-Ls Board Meetings

Thursday, April 6, 2023, 3:00 p.m.

Thursday, July 13, 2023, 3:00 p.m.

Thursday, October 12, 2023, 3:00 p.m.

EX-Ls 2022 Officers and Board Members

Howard Hatayama

Howard Hatayama


Nominating Committee Chair

AROHE Representative

Kim Williams picture

Kim Williams

1st Vice President


Esther Schroeder 


Treasurer - Recruiting for position

Ben Feinberg picture

Ben Feinberg

Former President 

UC Berkeley Center Representative

Margaret Dick

Berkeley Lab Acting Chief of Staff

Leadership Communications Advisor

Robert Cahn

Bob Cahn

Past President

CUCRA alternate

Nancy Brown

Past President

CUCRA Liaison

Phyllis Housel Gale

Editor EX-Ls Retiree Newsletter


Participation/Development Coordinator

Cary Sweeney 

UC Berkeley Retirement Center Director and Liaison

Camille Koué

UC Berkeley Retirement Center Associate Director and Liaison

EX-Ls Past Presidents

Bob Cahn 2020
Nancy Brown 2019
Henry Rutkowski 2018
Lee Schroeder 2017
Cheryl Fragiadakis 2016
Connie Grondona 2015
Trudy Forte 2014 
Joseph Jaklevic 2012, 2013 
Rollie Otto 2011 
Richard Sextro 2010 
Don Grether 2009 
Jose Alonso 2008 
Janis Dairiki 2007 
John Kadyk 2006 
Gene Binnall 2005 
Sig Rogers 2004 
Bob Fulton 2003
Bob Birge 2002 
Per Dahl 2001 
Tom Beales 2000 
Ken Mirk 1999 
Paul Hernandez 1998 
Clay Sealy 1996 -1998 
Igor Blake 1994 -1996 
Conway Peterson 1992 -1994 
Howard Browne 1990 -1992 
Ethel Skyrdlinski Thompson '89 
Al Amon 1988 
Ken Lou 1987 
Virginia Cherniak 1986 
Bill Bigelow 1985 
Ted Bowers 1982 to 1984

Board Emeriti

Kay Bristol, Treasurer
Eleanor Dahl, Secretary
Vicky Jared, Activities Chair
Bud Larsh
Patti Powers-Risius, Membership Chair

2011 LBNL Retiree Survey

Final results of the EX-Ls 2011 survey of all Lab retirees or surviving spouses/partners are now (finally) available. The results summarize what we learned about LBNL retiree activities, achievements, interests and concerns. As reported earlier, we received a total of 425 responses (~19% response rate). 180 respondents (42%) identified themselves as EX-Ls members, representing about 2/3 of the total EX-Ls membership at that time. We thank all who responded to the survey. 

Link to survey

Archived EX-Ls Board Agendas