Ex-Ls Bylaws & Policies

Welcome to the archive page for The EX-Ls Bylaws and Policies. From here you can view current copies of the EX-Ls Bylaws and Policies that are in use by the EX-Ls Board of Directors. Comments or questions pertaining to these documents should be made to the current presiding EX-Ls President or to any Board member.

We always welcome attendance at our board meetings; we're always ready for new input. 

EX-Ls Bylaws 2021 Dated:November 18, 2021
EX-Ls Essential Document Policy Revised: October 12, 2017
EX-Ls Gifts and Honary Life Membership Policy Dated: Apr 9, 2009
EX-Ls Email List Policy Dated: Jan 31, 2011
EX-Ls Policy on Announcing Deaths Dated: Aug 11, 2015
Ex-Ls Policy for Reimbursement of Board Members at CUCRA/CUCEA Meetings Dated: Aug 3, 2017