EX-Ls History

EX-Ls History – An Introduction 

EX-Ls was established in 1982 by then Laboratory Director David Shirley. Since then the association’s history has been captured in a number of documents available on this website.  The following table gives the name of the links and a brief summary of what the link addresses.


Contents and Discussion

EX-Ls at 20 Years.pdf

Spring 2002 edition of EX-Ls EX-PRESS.  Origins, Recap of events over 20 years. “YOE” (Yee Olde Editor) ” is Tane Nutting,

History of EX-Ls.Shirley Ashley.doc

A detailed chronology 1981 -  2002, with a personal touch.

EX-Ls at 30 Years.pdf

Winter 2013 edition of EX-Press.  Summary of 30th Anniversary Luncheon, Origins by Tane Nutting, Remember When Trivia

List of Activities.doc

Not a chronology, but a list of typical activities during the year

Speakers List 1984 - 2106.pdf

Compilation of EX-Ls Speakers from 1984 to Present